"Cherniavsky Real Estate Appraisal" Office, headed by Mr. Barry Cherniavsky was founded in 1990 and specialized in several of areas in the real estate appraisal and construction industry fields:
Preparation of allocation and balance tables in Evaluations of Real Estate Properties           
reparcellation plans   Economic Analysis of Real Estate Projects
Betterment levy real estate appraisals Economic feasibility tests and sensitivity analyzes of
Appraisals of real estate harm according to section real estate projects  
197 to the Planning and Building Law   Appraisals and Economic Consulting for Real Estate
Real estate appraisals for expropriation compensation Entrepreneurs  
Programs preparation for Urban Construction Plans Appraisals and Economic Consulting for Planning
Arbitrator Appraiser Institutions  
Appraisals Reviews and Estimations Assessor Guidance in Preparing Urban Construction
Expert assigned by the court


Among our clients are private entrepreneurs, real estate companies, the Israel Land Administration, Ministry of Interior, local authorities, Hadassah, the Hebrew University and more.

The firm execute assessments to secure bank credit to Bank Hapoalim, Bank Leumi, Jerusalem Bank, FIBI Bank, Union Bank, Bank Otzar Hachayal and also performs worth assessments for the banks' assets departments.

Since 2005, Bary Cherniavsky serves as Appraiser Consultant for the Tel-Aviv District Committee for planning and construction.




  Barry Cherniavsky  

Real estate appraiser since 1988, BA in Economics and Statistics, MBA, Masters in Public Administration (HAR- MPA).

  Irith Cherniavsky   Economist, specializes in financial-urban consulting, research and planning, PHD in History.
  Yoni Cherniavsky   Real estate appraiser since 2010, MBA from TAU, BA in Communication and Classical Studies.
Tel Aviv Office:
Yoni Cherniavsky
19 Sutin st., Tel Aviv

Jerusalem Office:
Barry Cherniavsky
Mish'ol Moran 16, Jerusalem, 97282

Tel: +972-6954097
Fax: +972-6954097
Cell: +972-8685447

Tel: +972-5865820
Fax: +972-5862474

Cell: +972-2630022  

bary@cherniavsky.co.il yoni@cherniavsky.co.il
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